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Icebox makes data-driven transformation possible.

We are data futurists.  We believe that data is the engine that drives operational and business transformation.  Our experts help organizations identity, understand and leverage their data assets.  Change is happening, and we can help.   

In addition to Strategy consulting and Roadmapping, we provide services in the following areas:  

Diagnostic & Assessment

Many organizations do not have a full understanding of their data = Where it is, What it is, How it's stored/used, and Why it's important. 


Our comprehensive Discovery process ensures that our clients have a complete understanding of their data's What, Where, How and Why.  

Insights tie back to Strategy and Objectives.  Whether your organization seeks a complete overhaul of analytics and reporting, or you simply need a focused and surgical understanding of a specific business objective, our Insights operate independently and credibly to highlight What's Meaningful.  



We assist organizations in understanding the risks associated with data governance around sensitive information. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and regulations surrounding Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) require compliance from all organizations, and we can help navigate these shifting sands.

We Guarantee Measurable Results

One of the reasons we have been so successful where others have not, is because our team is comprised of former high-level practitioners who have been there.  We have deep knowledge in multiple industries including media, technology, gaming, hospitality, public agency and government, finance, and more. 


We have real-world experience and strategic insights that can help your organization to harness data resources and scale efforts to meet today's competitive challenges.  

Our impact spans the maturity spectrum, and whether you are just beginning your data journey and need guidance on options or you are seeking support in implementing the next stage of strategy, we can help.  

Connect.    Improve.    Transform


Our events bring together thought leaders, agents of change, business decision makers & technologists passionate about driving performance with data.  SAS2019 is taking place Sept. 25 & 26 in Las Vegas!  Click here to check it out. 


We are driven by our passion in data.  Captured, understood and acted upon, data can drive performance, profitability and efficiency within your organization.  Process, governance and insights drive and sustain transformation.  


Icebox produces content that engages top business leaders and technology experts who share their unique and powerful POV.    Our 2018 -19 Podcast Series: Strategy in the Age of Big Data launched in January with a leading global financial institution.  More excellent content to come.

IDC forecasts Big Data and analytics spending will hit

$187 billion worldwide this year.*  

Do you know what you will get for your money? 

* Source: International Data Corp.