Yin Nawaday of Icebox Consulting interviews Yacob Girma of Lyft.  In this discussion, Yacob discusses how Lyft, and ride sharing in general, entered the Las Vegas market.  Las Vegas is one of the last major metropolitan areas to allow ride sharing, and it has had a significant impact on the transportation industry in the city.

Lyft knows a lot about their customers and drivers.  Since every interaction with the customer is done through Lyft’s smartphone application, the amount of data that Lyft is able to collect helps them to really understand how to improve the customer experience.

This conversation with Yacob is one that you don’t want to miss.  His insight into the industry is interesting, and the way that Lyft uses data has applications to many other industries.

A Conversation with Yacob Girma, General Manager of Lyft in Las Vegas

by Yacob Girma